Writing and making money as a writer are two different things. While some people are interested in writing solely for sharing their knowledge and experience about different things in life, several others will love to get paid for their writings and medium.com

Hey there, can we talk about blogging now? Are you wondering why we should? Well, after considering how rewarding it is to start a WordPress blog both personally, financially and otherwise, we need to talk about it. …

Having worked remotely for years, working from home sometimes takes its toll on your mental energy and it feels like your space isn’t the right place to get things done. …

Product marketing sits at the intersection of marketing, growth, product and sales. It is the department responsible for evangelising the awesomeness of the product to the customers in need.

Product marketing used to be treated as a subset of product management until a few years ago, don’t ask me what…

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While the whole pandemic locked us all down in our basements and everyone was annoyingly glued to social media all day long. The awesome folks at Twitter HQ felt it would be great to launch a voice tweet feature.

Table of Contents

1. User Segmentation
2. Accessibility
3. Product Discovery
4. Extra Features

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The school has resumed and parents need to prepare for their children towards the new session. Regardless of your kid’s personality or hobby, generally speaking, all Kids love tech gadgets as it helps them do a lot of things easily and improve with their studies.

Besides back-to-school preparation, you can…

Glad you’ve lived this far, you are officially an Adult and there’s no going back. You need to stop hating on the unemployable lots living their lives to the fullest, they are just kids and you can’t help it. Now is the right time to start working on yourself.


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The rise of flexible job roles, digital tech careers and more freelance opportunities around the world has led more people into working from the comfort of their home especially during this Covid19 pandemic. …

Product market fit, also known as PMF, is one of the most discussed topics in the startup ecosystem across the world and it remains the driving force behind the success of every product or service.

Table of Contents

1. User Engagement and Customer Dependency
2. Increase in Referrals and Word of Mouth
3. Less Expensive…

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LinkedIn, the world’s best professional networking platform recently introduced a new feature that indicates if users got their jobs via LinkedIn. The new feature displays a small LinkedIn badge beside a text “helped me get the job” just under the job position.

I stumbled on this new feature whilst typing…

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